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Rineen National School, Rineen, Co. Clare

About Us

When We Are Here 

Classes in Rineen National School begin at 8:50am. Small break is from 11:00 am – 11:10 am and lunch is from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm daily. Classes end at 1:30pm for Junior and Senior Infants and at 2:30pm for the rest of the school.

Where Are We? 

Our school is a rural one, steeped in history, located on the very cusp of the wild Atlantic Ocean halfway between Lahinch and Miltown Malbay. Established in 1869 and updated in 2008, it is a unique example of architectural craftsmanship, constructed from locally quarried fine-cut stone. It is one of the most distinctive looking National Schools in the county and one of the few, from the nineteenth century, still in everyday use for its original purpose.

Rineen National School

More than 13 decades serving the community well and educating the local children. From post-famine times, through World War I, the Civil War and World War II our school has survived, and today, it still provides the perfect environment to experience the joys and challenges of moulding and empowering the young minds that pass through its doors. Our position is unique in that we are the only facility in the entire community, residing in a town land surrounded by farming activities with neither a church nor a shop. As such, we are the heart of the community. In recent years there has been an influx of people returning to Rineen. Travel weary offspring are returning home to settle down, and visitors from other European countries have decided to make our community their home which has added to the already rich culture of the area.  This year we have 42 pupils – 16 boys and 26 girls.  Ms. Nicola Sheehan (Principal) is full-time SEN teacher in the school, Ms. Mary Brown is the junior infants to 2nd class teacher and Mr. Ian Flanagan (Deputy Principal) is the 3rd to 6th class teacher.

The Townland

Rineen is in the parish of Kilmannaheen, in the Barony of Corcomroe. The place name Rineen means “Small Point” – Rinnín as Gaeilge. Rineen School is situated beside the Rineen river, which rises in the nearby Tor Hill. The river forms the boundary with the parish of Kilfarboy, in the Barony of Ibrickane. The school, though on the Rineen side of the boundary is in the parish of Kilfarboy as it was built on the Fitzgerald Estate. In 1864, application was made to the Commissioners of Education, for permission to build the school. The Inspector was notified of the approximate number of pupils who would avail of a school – 60 males and 60 females.